Contact Information

For questions specific to launch vehicle performance, the following personnel from the Flight Dynamics Branch have been assigned to provide assistance to our customers. They can provide a range of services, including performance assessments/trades and trajectory modeling.

Bill Benson
Flight Design/Flight Controls Groups, Flight Dynamics Branch
(321) 867-9455

Jarmaine Ollivierre
Flight Design Group, Flight Dynamics Branch
(321) 867-3108

Eric Haddox
Flight Design Lead Engineer, Flight Dynamics Branch
(321) 867-8949

In addition to the above contacts, NASA LSP has assigned Mission Managers from the Flight Projects Office to address a broad range of launch vehicle questions according to NASA program, NASA center or external agency. These Mission Managers will be able to field questions beyond vehicle performance, including cost, manifest/schedule, vehicle availability, etc.

For the following organizations...
NASA Programs: Discovery, Explorers, Mars, Lunar, TDRS
External Agencies: NOAA

John Calvert
Mission Manager, Flight Projects Office
(321) 867-6081

All other organizations...

Albert Sierra
Chief, Flight Projects Office
(321) 867-5685