Mission Capabilities

The LSP Flight Dynamics Branch has the capability to provide a wide array of additional mission design support to our spacecraft customers. This support is available at all planning phases, except during blackout periods associated with active Announcements of Opportunity (AO's). During those blackout periods, we request that any desired support be coordinated formally through the points of contact provided in the AO.

The list below highlights some of our in-house services and analytical capabilities. Feel free to contact us if you have a need for any of this support. We also welcome the opportunity to develop new or enhance our existing tools, so let us know if you have an analytical need that is not in the list below.

Trajectory Modeling/Orbital Analysis

  • Tracking studies
  • Solar illumination analysis
  • Rendezvous, relative motion and re-contact
  • Staging/event timelines
  • Performance trades
  • High-fidelity, 3-DOF launch vehicle modeling
  • Integrated launch vehicle/spacecraft trajectory optimization
  • Long-term, high precision orbit propagation
    • Currently set up for Earth orbit, but is adaptable for other bodies

Interplanetary Trajectory Analysis

  • Translunar/planetary trajectory verification
    • High-precision orbit propagation from Trans-Lunar Injection (TLI) or Target Interface Point (TIP) to Lunar/planetary encounter
    • Models include Earth gravity model up to 70 X 70 EGM96 and point-mass Solar/Lunar gravity
  • Optimization of impulsive TLI maneuver
  • Verification of placement and size of Trajectory Correction Maneuvers (TCM's)
  • Target validation - propagate from TIP to B-Plane
  • Figure-of-Merit (FOM) calculation and verification

Please refer to the acronym list for additional assistance on terms and definitions.